An article on our bit-MAP® technology has been published in Microbiome.

An article on our single-cell genome analysis technology, bit-MAP® was published in the journal Microbiome on January 23, 2020.
A research team at Waseda University, including our director and Chief Scientific Officer, Masahito Hosokawa, developed SAG-gel, a technology that decodes the genome of each single cell segregated from a wide variety of bacteria.
In this research, SAG-gel is used to identify responder bacteria that break down dietary fiber in the intestine and their genes based on genome analysis of uncultured intestinal bacteria.
This method makes it possible to identify bacteria or genes that could affect the host.

bit-MAP® is based on SAG-gel reported in this paper. We believe that this research further confirms the technical utility of our technology of bit-MAP®.
We will continue to improve our business with the aim of building a foundation for new scientific discoveries, accumulating knowledge and applying it to medical and industrial resources to enrich the world.

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